Career Coaching For Massage Therapists

Hi, I’m Felicia.

I’m the proud owner and founder of More Massage Tools.

I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Career Coach, and Digital Marketer.

I help massage therapists resolve questions about their careers.

I do so through motivation, guidance, support, and accountability.

These are the foundations to getting you on the right track.

I’m assuming they are also the reasons you’re here seeking answers too.

I created this site out of need.

Many massage therapists and future therapists have questions about bettering their careers.

Here’s what I found.

Most massage therapists generally want the same stuff:

1. A meaningful career.

2. To be happy.

3. And, financial freedom.

They have questions about how to achieve these things or overcome obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their success.

Instead of brushing off those questions, I help answer their questions by listening to their needs and challenges.

I provide them with working sustainable suggestions that invoke thought and action.

Follow up with them on their implementation and progress.

And, pretty soon their concerns aren’t concerns anymore.

Helping massage therapists succeed in business and life has become my mantra.  The stronger our community is, the more valid our work becomes.  Making our work a sustainable and reputable profession. -Felicia Hayes

So, if you’re a massage therapist and you’re searching for answers to your career, then this site is for you.

We all need help sometimes.

And, it’s about finding the right help.

Help that that understands you, your situation and possible frustrations.

You see, I have been there.

I’ve had to figure out this massage thing alone.

Much like you are doing now.

When I searched for help, I often got general information that wasn’t specific to me.

So, I had to learn for myself and by myself.

Learning took time, money, lots of energy and many-many do-overs.

That almost drove me from the field.

But I persevered.

It was my onus to succeed.

Every drawback I came across, I came up with a solution.

This may sound a little corny but I made a commitment to myself that once I was happily settled in my massage career, I would coach.

So here I am…happily settled and thriving.

I’m ready to help you bypass many of those annoying obstacles so you can reach your goals, aspirations much faster than I or you ever imagined.

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