Hey there, I’m Felicia.  I’ve been a massage therapist for a long time.  Started my career in 2002 and haven’t looked back.  It’s a great profession.  And now I’m creating this blog as a personal journal of my career.

Every bit of this blog is written by me.  These are my words, my thoughts, my experiences.  I do not have ghost writers or content writers posting any of my content.  I also do not accept guest posts, press releases or paid posts.  This blog is 100% legit me!

I love working with independent massage therapists to help them get the most out of their massage careers.  I have explored nearly every aspect of the massage industry during my career: teaching, management, being an employee, contractor, owner, retailer, collaborations, hmmm…what else.  I eventually settled into my own space and doing my own thing and have been happily & successfully doing it since.  

#s that define me are soloprenuer, massage therapist, blogger, youtuber, political junkie, apple fan girl, digital marketer, perfectionist, over-thinker, straight shooter, pragmatic, hard-working, mindful.  

There are a billion different philosophies on running a blog.  I personally, don’t follow any of them.  So, I can’t tell you when I’ll be posting or what I’ll be posting.  All I can suggest is sign-up for my newsletter and get my posts delivered to your inbox.  If that doesn’t work for you, follow me on facebook, instagram, youtube, twitterlinkedin and stay connected that way.

Or send me an email at contact@feliciahayes.com.  I read all emails. 

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