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[Download] Trouble growing your clientele? Don’t give up. Try this.

Grow your clientele

Know who your ideal client is and talk to them.  

How do I know who my ideal client is?

You create them.  

My ideal customer is a person who is familiar with massage and is seeking massage for very specific work.

I came up with this statement after years of being in the industry.  This is the customer I enjoy working with and working on the most.

Why do I need an ideal customer?

An ideal customer profile helps you better direct your marketing efforts towards their needs.  If you can do this effectively, you will increase your business with people you care to work with and build a loyal customer base.  

Think about the places you frequent the most and why you return to them.  Do you think it’s by coincidence that they have gained your business?  No.  Most likely you are their ideal customer.

Creating your ideal customer takes work.  As simple as my ideal customer sounds, it took years of brain power to form that statement.  Not to mention, the statement is always evolving and changing.  And, that’s okay.  Yours will too.  Especially as we grow in our careers, our needs, wants and desires change.  So will our customer.  For example my original customer was anyone, then I focused on health insurance, to finally the above description.  

Crafting our ideal customer

Crafting our ideal customer is a strategy that helps us focus on our goals.  Let’s say the goal is making $100k/yr salary.  This figure is going to determine how we reach, communicate, market, build a working relationship, design incentives and grow our skills.  This is where it’s necessary to know who were are seeking as clients.  

I recently had a massage therapist seek my help in growing her practice. 

She had been in business a year but it was under performing. 

My very first question to her was, “Who is your customer?” 

You know what?  She couldn’t answer the question. 

I took her through this super simple but effective drill. 

Try it for yourself.

  1. Take 2 minutes (time it if necessary) to write down all the characteristics you require in your ideal client.  This exercise gets easier the longer you work in the field and with the more bodies you work on because you get a sense of who you connect with.  Be brutally honest with yourself.  No erasing or back spacing.  This is for your eyes only.
  2. Take 30 seconds cross out all words you can live without.  If you have to think about it, cross it out.
  3. Take 1 more minute to write down more characteristics.
  4. Now, narrow your list down to 3 characteristics.
  5. Write sentences for each item on your list.  Start your sentences with
    • My ideal customer is ____________________________________________.
  6. Now marry all 3 sentences together.  You may find that you keep all three, or two and maybe just one.  That is okay.

Congratulations you have done the first iteration of your ideal customer!  Remember it can change over time.  

Download the My Ideal Client Worksheet to develop a detailed profile of who you’re selling to.

The massage therapist that I spoke of above came up with these 3 sentences:

  1. My ideal customers are Jewish women.
  2. My ideal customer is over the age of 50.
  3. My ideal customer plays mahjong.

We looked at these statements, read them out loud and began to play around with the wording.  She began to question her limits, values, demographics and eventually decided on:

  • My ideal customers are women over 50 who play mahjong.

A winning statement

That there is a winning statement.  It allows her to reach a wide diverse group of people in her community that she feels comfortable working with and on.  Because you’ve taken the time to identify your target customer profile it will make reaching them much easier.  Your messaging, branding should be speaking to them. 

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Turn a Penny into Millions

Turn a penny into millions

Felicia here.

I have a question for you, 

“If you were given a choice to receive one million dollars in one month or a penny doubled every day for 30 days, which one would you choose?”

I’m pretty sure you’d picked the million, I did.

I found this chart about a year ago.  It intrigued me so much that it is pinned to my screen.  I often refer to it.  You see, I have always been driven to do better, be better, grow, move forward.  So when something so profound as this comes along I cherish it.  When I feel like I’m slowing down or at a standstill, I look at this and well, I’m motivated again.  

Turn a penny into millions in 30 days

If you got paid a penny today, but then doubled that payment every day for 30 days, you’d end up with over $5 million dollars by day 30.

The numbers illustrate the days of the month 1-30.

1: $.01

2: $.02

3: $.04

4: $.08

5: $.16

6: $.32

7: $.64

8: $1.28

9: $2.56

10: $5.12

11: $10.24

12: $20.48

13: $40.96

14: $81.92

15: $163.84

16: $327.68

17: $655.36

18: $1,310.72

19: $2,621.44

20: $5,242.88

21: $10,485.76

22: $20,971.52

23: $41,943.04

24: $83,886.08

25: $167,772.16

26: $335,544.32

27: $671,088.64

28: $1,342,177.28

29: $2,684,354.56

30: $5,368,709.12

What does this have to do with my massage business?

Graph: Turn a penny into millions
Graph: Turn a penny into millions

This is a good lesson for anyone.  It helps illustrate 3 important points about growing your massage business.  

1) Things will start slow.

2) You have to be patient.

3) You WILL succeed if you stick with it.

Despite what all the marketing internet and book gurus tell you, building a 6 figure massage business doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time and if you stick with it, it can be done.  

Here’s what I think about

I got into massage therapy because I couldn’t find a job.  So I went to massage school to do something out of the ordinary.  It turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself.  As I went through school and the first part of my massage career, I often thought about this concept,

We are in the business of making money.

Once I realized what that meant, I was able to transition from being the working bee to being the queen bee.  Meaning I took control of me, my career and my goals.  While working for others, I was able to grow to a point and when I returned back to self employment, I was able to grow exponentially.  I grew my clientele, office space, revenue, you name it.  But it took time.  I’ve been doing massage since 2002 so I stuck with it.  I feel I can grow even more.

Have big dreams but break them down to small milestones

It’s hard for anyone to say I’m going to make millions a year and do it without some sort of a plan.  Heck, it’s hard to say for making 6 figures.  Just look at the penny chart it simplifies the process by suggesting that doubling your earnings each day will pay you millions at the end of 30 days.  Then you start to believe you can do it.  Same with your massage goals.  

Simplifying a path is necessary.

That got me thinking, I would love to grow my practice by 120 new clients this year.  So that would equate to 10 clients a month.  Or, 2.5 clients a week.  To date (12/12/17), I have SMASHED my goal with 173 new clients for the year and the year isn’t even done.  

I knew I wouldn’t get that overnight, I had to be in it for the long haul.   

Now imagine if I decided to double that number for next year.  Before 12 months was up this time next year, I would double the size of my existing clientele and making double $$$.  

Of course, I’m not promising your client numbers are going to double every year, BUT the big message here is to take the long view of your business.

Now I know that’s tough in this day and age of instant gratification, but if you’ve set your massage business up properly, and you are passionate about massage, then you’re in this for the long haul anyways.

So don’t be discouraged by a slow start.

There will be struggles, but you will reach a point when your business starts to take off.  You’ll start making multiple sales every day.   Referrals will come at your from from every direction.   And then your business will hit that point when it takes off like a rocketship into space.

Stay the course.

This is important to know…

The world doesn’t owe me anything. I have to earn everything I get.

The sooner I understood this, the happier I became knowing that my life is in my hands.

–Craig Ballantyne