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This is how you get clients to write awesome reviews for you

How to get clients to write you awesome reviews

Let’s face it, reviews make a substantial difference for driving customers to your business.  According to a Vocus study, 68% of consumers go to social networking sites to read product reviews.  The more reviews you have spread out across the web the more likely people are going to find you.  The fewer reviews you have, the less likely people will bother looking at your information.  It’s that simple.  So how can you take control of your reviews?  How can you get your clients to review you?  How can you get more reviews?  

I’m going to teach you how to increase your visibility on the web right away which will also lead to clients naturally going to those big sites like Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook and your website to leave you an awesome review.  

Take Control Of Your Reviews

1.  Dedicate a page for reviews on your website

Create your own review page.  This will give you the ability to ask clients to review your work which you then can place on your site.  Ask.  Copy.  Paste.  It’s that simple. 

2.  Get a Yelp Business Page

Yelp can drive a substantial amount of quality business to you.  Quite often people who find you on Yelp are pretty good about writing reviews on Yelp.  Just check out the statistics here.  So it behooves you to set up your Yelp page.  But once you do this ALWAYS be on your A+++ game.  A Yelper can enter your massage practice at any moment.  Then review your business as they walk out the door.  You want to make sure you get the best review possible because it can drive a lot of business to you.  Where as a bad review can have the opposite effect.  Yelp will tell you that it’s better to get fewer awesome reviews than more mixed reviews.  Consistency is king!  

3.  Setup a Facebook Page

Most of your clients are on Facebook and so, your business should be too.    Facebook makes it very easy for people who follow you to write reviews.  Also, your clients are more than likely looking for your on Facebook.  

Word of advice, separate your business page from your personal page.  It makes life much easier and professional.

Also, those who are following you are likely to write quality reviews.  Not to mention, people on Facebook love to share good finds with their Facebook community.  Making this a must do.  

4.  Make a Google + Page

Getting people to review you on Google+ is probably the most challenging just because there really isn’t a community there like on Facebook or Yelp.  It takes more effort to get reviews here.  But boy oh boy it’s beneficial.  The more reviews you have on Google+, the higher ranking your website gets in the search engine.  The better reviews the stronger your ranking.  It’s a whole algorithm that Google uses.  It can potentially drive quality business to your website.

5.  Use an online appointment book

Take the time to setup an online appointment book.  You can use Fullslate, Genbook, Square, Acuity and there are probably a million more.  Some have free options.  Others are based off a monthly payment fee.  But, they all have the ability for clients to leave reviews.  It makes it easy for you to setup an automatic request for a review after their appointments.  You can then post the review to your own website and/or to your online appointment book.  

Pay attention to this

Yelp discourages businesses from asking their patrons for reviews.  Facebook and Google encourage you asking your customers for reviews.  Yelp feels you will be bias in who you ask.  Facebook and Google feel the more reviews the merrier.  More traffic and searches on their engines.  

How to get the message out

Reviews have helped my business grow and continue growing.  I have gotten to the point that I discretely ask for reviews at every touchpoint I have with a customer:

  • “Please review my services on XXX” with a link.  I have this tag on every email I send to my returning clients.  
  • I send review my business emails to all my customers after their second visit.  that way they can give a solid review of my service. 
  • Quarterly I send a newsletter to everyone and in that newsletter and one of the topics I ask for reviews.  

How to get better reviews

The messaging you use in the email requesting a review has to be short and guiding.  It has to tell your clients what you want in the email.  If you simply say, please review my business then you’re going to get a simple response like “Felicia is awesome.”  Really you want the people reading your reviews to understand why Felicia is awesome.  A better way to get your clients to write more would be to say something like, 

Dear {name},

Hayes Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork has invited you to share your experience with other potential customers. Your review may be published online and will help others make an informed decision.  

Please leave a short review by clicking here. 

Thank you, 

Felicia Hayes

This will inspire your customers to explain why they came in and how they felt about the massage they received.  It will get a greater response from your clients and add more value to your potential clients reading your reviews.

Are incentives necessary?

People like being rewarded for giving reviews.  I’ve seen businesses give a percentage or dollar amount off of the customers next service in exchange for a review.  And I’ve seen businesses not give anything.  

I think the better approach is to think about the behavior you want from your clients, yourself and of your business.  Here are some examples of questions I would be asking:

  • Will my clients always expect something in return?
  • Do I provide great service and massages that will inspire them to write a review?
  • Am I willing to take another decrease in income for the review?
  • What will I gain from the review?
  • Do I give away enough already in my practice?

The answers will lead one to make a logical decision for themselves and their business.  

Final Thoughts

It’s a no brainer that collecting reviews should be a part of your business model.  It’s free, within your control and can drive a ton of quality business to you.


Need more information on building a plan for collecting reviews on your website?