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Hi, I’m Felicia. I am the founder and owner of More Massage Tools. More Massage Tools started with two questions, “What next?” and “How can I do more?”

You see, I’ve been a massage therapist for years since 2002 to be exact.  This field has fulfilled me in a way I would have never imagined.  And, I grow more and more passionate about the field every day.  My curiosity gets ignited everytime I am faced with new material.  Because of this curiosity, I have learned and created so much material that it seems ridiculous to just keep it with me.  So, I created More Massage Tools as a platform to share my work and experiences with other massage therapists and bodyworkers and anyone who cares to use it.

My hope is to grow this website to include other therapists and bodyworkers sharing their work too.  Consider the fulfillment and rewards of showcasing your work here.

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