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25 Massage Blogs You Should Be Reading

25 Massage Blogs You Should Be Reading

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1. The Massage Therapists Development Centre- Changing perceptions of massage therapy, this blog is a growing community of massage therapists.

The Massage Therapist Development Centre

Join and get my FREE ebook! We are a community of professionals dedicated to enhancing the perception of the industry and improving your success as a Massage Therapist.

2. The RMT Education Project- Working as a resource for scientific information on massage therapy, promoting research in the field.

The RMT Education Project Blog

The RMT Education Project is Helping people manage sports injuries with confidence through creative and innovative health education. This blog features post on massage therapy, acupuncture, myofascial release, pain science, cupping, IASTM, sports massage, deep tissue massage

3. Body in Mind- Focused on chronic pain and its solutions, promoted by the University of South Australia.

Body in Mind – Research into the role of the brain and mind in chronic pain

Relationship between body, brain and mind and their interaction in health, disease and chronic pain disorders.

4. The Daily Zeel- blog for a quality massage on-demand business and app with up to date news in the industry.

Pause – The Zeel Blog | Massage On Demand

Enjoy the Zeel blog for massage news, wellness resources, and tips for a healthy lifestyle-brought to you by the leading in-home Massage On Demand app.

5. Incorporate Massage blog- A blog designed to accommodate you in creating your own massage business.

Incorporate Massage Blog

Everything you want to know about workplace massage services, chair massage, and office massage programs.

6. Jing Advanced Massage Training – blog & Vlog- An excellent UK based vlog and blog with advice for massage therapists.

Jing Advanced Massage Training –

Advanced Massage Training Courses

7. Sage Institute of Massage- Sage Institute has a large blog including articles about starting your own massage therapy business.

News – Massage Therapy Foundation

Nationals Park is the place to be on Wednesday, August 8! Come see the 2017 NL East Champions, Washington Nationals, play […]

8. Big Tree School of Natural Healing- A school blog teaching the use of ancient Chinese medicine in health and massage.

Big Tree – School of Natural Healing

Trees of my life My father taught me how to plant trees. Dig a big hole Carry the tree from the roots Make sure there is plenty of soft soil around the roots Give it…

9. Dream Clinic- Seattle based massage business with a resource packed blog on massage and general health.

Massage and Acupuncture |

Therapeutic massage improves your quality of life by lowering stress, treating muscle aches and muscle-related conditions, and restoring flexibility. At Dreamclinic Massage, our goal is to make massage therapy in Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue easily accessible for busy people. We offer a convenient 7 day-a-week schedule and employ only highly skilled and caring specialists.

10. Massage Therapy Foundation- The foundation has a blog that hosts numerous articles about news in the industry.

11. Peace of Mind Massage- A Denver based therapeutic massage business with a blog focused on best practices and tips.

Blog – Peace of Mind Massage – Denver

Looking for fun yoga and community events in Denver? Peace of Mind Massage is thrilled to announce it will now be offering many different community gatherings, events, and workshops! Peace of […]

12. Massage Therapy Center- This California center’s blog discusses bodywork, healing practices, and wellness

The Massage Therapy Center Blog

Everything you need to know about Massage Therapy brought to you weekly.

13. Massage Magazine- This magazine’s blogg features articles about running a massage business and tips for success with clients.

MASSAGE Magazine

MASSAGE Magazine’s mission is to provide to massage and touch therapists the tools, information, and resources to succeed in all aspects of their career.

14. Urban Massage blog- This UK based editorial has a plethora of massage, wellness, active lifestyle and urban living articles.

Urban Clarity by Urban Massage

Embracing every element of wellness

15. Discover Massage Australia- This organization has been recognized for training some of the best massage practitioners. Check out their blog!

Massage Courses & Training | Discover Massage Australia

Our massage courses are fully recognised with the Massage Association of Australia (MAA) and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). On completion of the Whole Body Massage course you will be able to join the MAA or IICT and purchase professional Indemnity Insurance. Membership facilitates purchase of Professional Indemnity insurance allowing you to practice professionally.

16. Massage Williamsburg- This business specializes in prenatal massage and licensing therapists in New York.


Massage Williamsburg – Our Brooklyn Massage Studio specializes in reducing stress, headaches, shoulder tension, neck and back pain. We help our clients relax, unwind, and heal through clinical-style massage therapy.

17. Oregon School of Massage- This school’s blog features articles supporting continuing education for therapists and holistic massage.

Blog – Oregon School of Massage

Oregon School of Massage Blog

18. Academy of Clinical Massage- The Oregon academy’s blog focuses on research-based techniques and physiotherapist education.

Blog – Academy of Clinical Massage

Introduction Do you ever recall sitting in a classroom in school and thinking that one or two students were getting the lion’s share of attention when others had things to contribute as well? It seems the world of soft-tissue pain and injury problems shares this metaphor. Take nerve entrapment for example.

19. Science of Massage Institute- This school leads in medical massage and science-based bodywork.

Science of Massage Institute ” Blog

By Dr. Ross Turchaninov The correct reading of hematoma by the practitioner is the first critical step to successful rehabilitation of the soft tissues after trauma. Sometimes hema

20. Thai Healing Massage Academy- Specializing in Thai massage and body healing techniques this academy has a blog with related articles.


Thanks for visiting our forum. You are welcome to share experiences, ideas, comments or questions about healing arts. It does not have to be Thai Massage. This is also the place where students of our massage video homestudy courses can interact and receive support.

21. Massagetique- An online network of massage therapists and providers.

Massage Blog | Massagetique

It’s not news that massages offer more benefits to us than just a few heavenly minutes of relaxation (and some peace and quiet) – in reality they can serve as a natural solution to many of the illnesses, injuries, and everyday aches and pains we experience.

22. The Self Centre Massage & Wellness- This center has an excellent blog including massage therapy, acupuncture, and wellness practices.


The official Blog of The Self Centre – Edmonton Alberta.

23. Adjust Massage- UK based deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, prenatal massage.

Sports Massage Blog | Adjust Massage

Find out what’s been happening at Adjust Massage, discover how different types of massage can benefit you and learn new stretches to help with tight muscles

24. Primal Therapeutics LLC- A Cannabis-based therapeutic massage company running a blog on practices in the niche industry.

healingforceofnature, Author at Primal Therapeutics LLC

Moving to Colorado eight years I was on a journey to health but at the time I was willing to accept death as long as it was more pain free than the life I was living. When you feel that way, you are no longer living. You are surviving at best.

25.  More Massage Tools a massage therapist turned career coach.

More Massage Tools

Career Coaching For Massage Therapists


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