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How to Make Time Work for You

How to Make Time Work for You

Strategies to Time Management

Time management is a skill that needs to be acquired and developed. For those that are not familiar with what time management is, it’s the ability to use your time efficiently. Time management helps you meet deadlines when they’re due, and if done properly you’ll have time to spare. It’s a skill that takes most individuals half a lifetime to master.

1.  Set Priorities

Most of us feel there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. One of the keys strategies is to set priorities. Keep a time log to evaluate how and where you spend most of your time. You then have a big picture with the details needed, and can rearrange those areas around your priorities for that day.

2. Daily Planner

Use a daily planner to keep you organized. A to do list for the day with set schedules helps you stay on track. It also helps set realistic expectations for yourself and provides peace of mind for those that feel overwhelmed. You can use the planner to set reminders for yourself and write small details you may need for future reference. Helps with increasing productivity.

3. Organize Everything

Usually, the more unorganized, the more time you’re going to spend looking for that important document or file. It’s best to keep practice of staying organized, so that you can invest that energy into your work and still save some time. Scheduling is major part of organizing as well. Make sure to never spread yourself thin when it comes to the commitments you’ve made for yourself. It can cause a delay in the plans you had set for that day, and everything will be thrown off track. Allow yourself a time of respite to avoid such set backs.

4. Get Help

If possible, delegate some responsibility or a task to someone you can trust. The world doesn’t always have to fall on your shoulders. Also, a friend may be able to help you complete a task while you finish the next one. Which leads to you maximizing your time. It can also help with avoiding procrastination on a task.

5. Manage Unexpected Occurrences

There are things that happen out of the ordinary, that consume a lot of the extra time in our day. Make sure to set out times to answer emails, voicemails, and make any call backs you may need to return. We get caught up in unexpected conversations with colleagues or friends. Always keep your calendar reminders active, to keep you alert throughout your day. That will reduce the instances where you may accidently overlap projects or an unexpected situation.

6. No Multitasking

Multitasking can become counter productive. It doesn’t allow you to focus all your energy and efforts into the little details and tasks. You may end up leaving something unfinished, or leaving out important information that could be critical.

7.  Stay Healthy

Making sure your mind and body are in the proper condition to execute your task list is top priority. Without the proper rest and a clear mind, it can reduce your productivity. Equip yourself with the proper components to successfully and seamlessly accomplish the day that lies ahead.

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